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DNAe has developed a wide portfolio of patents and know-how around semiconductor technology, systems engineering and molecular biology for life science applications.


Since we invented semiconductor DNA detection using pH, we have created many innovative and practical solutions to speed up, simplify and inform diagnostics at the point of need.


Our core patents cover the following innovations:


  • Label-free pH-mediated detection of DNA and RNA using semiconductor ion sensors known as ion-sensitive field effect transistors (ISFETs)


  • DNA sequencing by ISFETs through the detection of hydrogen ions released from nucleotide incorporation


  • Novel, low power electronic interfacing techniques


  • pH-based methods for simultaneous amplification and detection of nucleic acids


  • Highly sensitive sample preparation using immuno-magnetic separation




DNAe has granted limited, non-exclusive licenses to certain patents to a small number of life science companies, including Ion Torrent (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) and Roche. As a result, DNAe’s technology is now proven for next generation sequencing in laboratories around the world.


DNAe retains exclusive rights to its Genalysis® technology for sequence detection via amplification.


Built around the inherent simplicity of semiconductor DNA analysis  and PCR

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