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Based on our research with practising clinicians, we are now developing a complete, affordable, Genalysis® system that makes it quick and easy to get patients with suspected bloodstream infection treated with the best therapy as quickly as possible


The blood-to-result test will identify a comprehensive panel of bloodstream infections, as well as antimicrobial resistance genes. Because microbial pathogens in blood infections may only be present in very low concentrations (down to 1 colony-forming unit per ml), the solution incorporates a sample preparation stage capable of extracting microbial DNA that can be successfully amplified from a vacutainer of blood.




















The system comprises a disposable cartridge that allows a 10ml vacutainer of blood to be inserted are performed in a sealed, contamination-free environment. In 2-3 hours, actionable results will be delivered to the clinician.



In 2-3 hours, actionable results will be delivered to the clinician

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