Sepsis is a major worldwide killer. It stems from the body’s out-of-control response to bloodstream infections. In the US alone there are 750,000 incidents a year, with a fatality rate of between 30% and 50%. At around $20 billion a year, it is the disease with the single highest treatment cost in US hospitals. The picture is similar in other countries around the world.


Time is critical in the treatment of blood infections, particularly when they progress to sepsis.


Urgent Need: Mortality increases 7.6+% for every hour after onset of hypotension.

Kumar et al -


Blood infections can usually only be diagnosed and identified through a process known as blood culture, where organisms are multiplied in a culture medium, firstly to show the presence of an infection and then to provide sufficient numbers of organisms to allow for their staining and identification. This is a lengthy process and it could be four or five days before the microbe is identified.


Our Genalysis® test will analyse directly from a blood sample without the need for culture. This really is a breakthrough: one test is enough to analyze a broad range of possible infectious organisms.


Breaking “The Blood Culture Barrier” therefore is key, but it is not the only success factor for introducing a new blood stream infection test.


  • Sample (unprocessed blood) to results
  • Easy to operate (24/7 lab) - point of need
  • Fast (2 to 3 hours)
  • Able to identify a broad range of infectious organisms (both bacteria and fungi) in a single test.
  • High sensitivity and specificity.




Sepsis has the single highest treatment cost in US hospitals at approximately $20 billion per annum

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