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A genomic analysis platform built for diagnostic applications


The current wave of next generation sequencing was not originally designed for diagnostic work, and certainly not for applications where the proximity of the testing location determines turnaround time. The drivers in the research sequencing market are very different to the needs of the diagnostic market.


Until now, clinicians have had to trade off the speed and relative ease of use of conventional multiplexed PCR, against the information richness, but complexity and unwieldiness of NGS.


DNAe bridges this gap with the purpose-designed, Genalysis® platform, which embeds the test measurement on a single chip. There’s no need for measuring optical signals or using lasers and microscopes.


Genalysis® can perform both PCR and genomic analysis on the same chip in the same measurement, to arrive at a fast, accurate and informative diagnosis.


We believe our technology will have a major impact in the diagnostic industry. Not because it offers the longest read lengths, or the lowest cost per base, or the highest output per run - the traditional battlegrounds for research sequencers. But because it is a complete end-to-end process, that quickly leads to a clinically actionable result, without special skills or high start-up and running costs.

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