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DNA Electronics is a pioneer in next generation sequencing (NGS), dedicated to applying our proven molecular diagnostic technology to bring real, life-saving benefits to patients. As the inventors of semiconductor sequencing (on-chip sequencing and measurement), we have created a new platform that is ideally suited to point-of-need diagnostics, combining the ease of use of real-time PCR with the analytical depth of NGS.


We call this Genalysis®.


Our first flagship product is a test that quickly identifies the microorganisms responsible for blood infections that may lead to sepsis. We are the first to build a purpose-designed NGS-based diagnostic platform to complete the entire diagnostic process, from raw sample input to clinically actionable output, within 2 to 3 hours.

Smart analysis

Genomic research has enabled a whole new wave of diagnostic testing based on genetic markers of diseases. Diseases characterized by small numbers of simple markers can be identified using relatively simple molecular diagnostic techniques such as real-time PCR, or genotyping. More complex conditions, involving multiple and/or complex markers require more comprehensive approaches such as NGS.


However, current commercial NGS technology is still at the mainframe stage of evolution and firmly entrenched in the central research laboratory.

Genalysis® changes the rules of molecular diagnostics, by combining the best of PCR, genotyping and NGS on a single semiconductor chip that works directly at the point of need.


Live diagnostics

Live tests save lives. DNAe enables a live diagnosis, allowing the most effective therapy to be identified and administered at the earliest stage of an infection. Treatment can begin right away, safeguarding the life of the patient and reducing the time spent in hospital.  MORE

Life-saving applications

Genalysis® testing will soon transform healthcare by providing lab-accurate diagnostics at the point of need. This has far-reaching and positive implications for personalized healthcare, infection screening and more. MORE

Managing infectious diseases

Our first product will diagnose bloodstream infections BEFORE they lead to sepsis. It can, within 2 to 3  hours, discover the identity, strain and antimicrobial resistance of the infectious agent(s), so that the appropriate antibiotics can be given to the patient in time to stop any acceleration of the disease.  MORE



Dec 4  2015

DNAe Expands US Operations with Clinical Diagnostic Development and Manufacturing Site in San Diego




Nov 2  2015

DNAe Secures £25 million ($38 million) Bank Facility to Fund Development of Pioneering Point-of-Need IVD for Serious Blood Infections




MAY 27 2015

DNAe Chairman Professor Chris

Toumazou Awarded IEEE Field

Medal in Biomedical Engineering

for Outstanding Contributions

to Biomedical Circuit Technology




JAN 19 2015

DNAe Acquires nanoMR Inc. in a Strategic Move to Own Complete Workflow for Point-Of-Need NGS-Based Blood-To-Result Diagnostic




NOV 18 2014

DNAe Highlights the Urgent Need for Fast Diagnostics to Help Tackle the Growing Threat of Antibiotic Resistance




OCT 23 2014

Longitude Prize case study-

applying pioneering technology to intervene before sepsis becomes life-threatening







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